Getting SPFx working in Visual Studio Online

Getting SPFx working in Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online is a new service that is currently in public preview. It describes itself as “Cloud-powered dev environments accessible from anywhere”. Basically you create a remote environment (currently linux but windows comming as well) from the portal or directly from VSCode and in minutes you are up and running. You need an azure subscription as it will create a resource in azure. For more information visit

I’m speaking at #ESPC19!

The countdown is on to the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference – just over 5 weeks to go! Join me on Wednesday 4th December for my session: Gaining SPFx Super Abilities with React, Office UI Fabric and PnP SPFx Controls Want to create really good-looking web parts and do it fast? Microsoft has given us an official front-end framework to build great experiences in office 365. Currently the best way to apply this framework is with React.

App only authentication with Azure functions, Azure Active Directory and SharePoint

Azure functions are becomming more and more popular and they are perfect in combination with webhooks, storage queues and other scenarios your application may need. In this post i will talk about how to set up app only authentication using a certificate and an Azure Active Directory Application. So here we go. Prerequisites Azure Function App and of course a storage account Create a visual studio 2017 Azure Functions Project I will use v1 of the Azure Functions as I will use SharePointPnPCoreOnline nuget package and that does not support the .

Consuming Secured Azure Functions with the SharePoint Framework

With the release of the 1.4.1 of the SharePoint Framework we now have the ability to easily call a secured Azure Function via a REST call from our SharePoint Framework webparts. You can do this by using the new AadHttpClient. Link to Documentation Below. Why a secured function? There is often times when we want to surface sensitive data into our office 365 tennant. Azure functions are great ways to deliver this data.

Use Node.js to automate the upload of files to SharePoint

Even with recent changes to SharePoint development we still often need to upload files to SharePoint. I have been using Visual Studio Code and Node.js (LTS Version) to automate the uploading of files to SharePoint. The advantages of using this method is that its fast and easy to set up. When you edit the files it automatically uploads them to SharePoint within seconds. This speeds up development drastically especially if you are one of those drag and drop developers.

Simple Guide To Get Started With Azure Web Jobs - C#

Azure web jobs are great ways to run scheduled tasks or handle events using storage queues, in the cloud. In this article I will talk about how to make use of the WebJobs.Extensions package to create scheduled tasks and make use of a storage queue to run asynchronous operations in the cloud. Of if you want synchronous operations Creating your WebJob project First of all, make sure you have the latest azure sdk installed for your version of visual studio.