At the top of the v4 masterpage just before the ribbon I found this great Delegate Control called GlobalNavigation.  This control can be used to add content to the top of the page by using a user control.

<sharepoint:delegatecontrol runat="server" controlid="GlobalNavigation" />

If we look at the my profile pages, you can see that it uses this control to add the content on the top of the ribbon menu.



So if you want to create your own content to add on one of your SharePoint sites You simply have to create a user control and a feature that connects it to the GoblalNavigation Delegate control. You can scope your feature to the farm, web application, site collection or specific site.

1. Create a SharePoint 2010 Project and map a folder to the CONTROLTEMPLATES directory in the 14 hive.

2. Add a new user control to that folder and add your desired content. Below is the HTML markup i added to my user control

        Hello World


3. Create a feature and a new element.xml. Below is the xml in the element.xml. Inside you see a control element that contains information for SharePoint to implement your control. The Id is the same id as the delegate control. If several controls are targeting the same delegate control the one with the lowest sequence will be used. ControlSrc is the path to your new user control.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="">
    <Control Id="GlobalNavigation" 
             ControlSrc="~/_ControlTemplates/DemoNavigation.ascx" />

4. Deploy your solution to see your changes.



Here is a screenshot of my solution setup.